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This stuff is really authentically Turkish. Like, I really don’t think that anyone else in the world drinks this stuff. Not because it’s bad – just because it”s a little weird. An acquired taste, if you will. Ayran is the name for a Turkish yogurt drink. In between the consistency of kefir and water, ayran is basically just a mixture of salty, plain yogurt, and water. That’s it. It is actually really healthy, and most Turks like to pair ayran with a meat meal. The ayran shown above is dressed up with some foam on top, but your average ayran is served in regular plastic packaging.

If you’re ever in Turkey, it is definitely worth a try, but I cannot promise you that the taste will appeal to you. If you want to try it at home, the closest thing to ayran would be to mix plain Greek yogurt with water and shake well. Maybe add some salt as well.