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CAKE! Yay it’s cake! I’m not going overboard in my excitement, I promise! The picture above is kind of disproportionate and is making this beautiful cake look kind of like a donut, but guys I promise you I made a real birthday cake with real frosting! And Nutella frosting, at that! Basically it was a friend’s birthday a week ago and I just had to celebrate the only real way I know how – by baking. For the banana cake base I obvi used my Grandma Ruth’s foolproof recipe.


So… wanna know what’s healthy? Nutella buttercream frosting. Recipe posted here, but I’ll tell you what it’s made out of. Ready?

Nutella. Butter. Sugar (powdered). Heavy cream. Maybe some vanilla. But that’s basically it. Still, totally delicious and totally worth it. But WARNING – the recipe actually makes SOoOoOoOo much frosting! I still have a huge tupperware filled with Nutella frosting in my fridge and I think I have to just keep baking things to then cover in frosting otherwise it will go to waste! What a crying shame that would be. But really.

Time for some CAKE!