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Oh so you’re probably expecting a Valentine’s Day recipe. Am I right? Ugh fine I’ll do it.



But actually, just so you know, these are my anti-Valentine cookies. That’s because they will absolutely never break your heart or leave you lonely on the big V-day. Unless you eat them all, I guess… whoops. Also, just so you know what I’m up to tonight, I’m finishing my stupid computer programming homework for the week. Ew. My roommate is making out with her bf on our couch.


Imagine all of the divinity of red velvet, covered half in cream cheese frosting and half in decadent shiny chocolate glaze. There you go. And no, do not think of any other places the frosting should go besides these cookies. Okay?!?!

Recipe here. Enjoy them, just promise me you won’t give them to your sweetheart this year 😉