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…and merhaba from Istanbul! Posts regarding Turkish food and desserts to come soon, but first I absolutely must share my final culinary creation before I left for abroad: the french macaroon! Voila!

After all the fuss I’ve been making about how challenging macaroons might be to make, they were a lot more harmless than I had anticipated. Shown above are blueberry and apricot macaroons (the only decent jam I could find in my fridge), but I’m looking forward to creating other interesting flavors in the future, just maybe not while I’m in Istanbul – not even sure I would be able to find almond flour here!
I followed the recipe in this cookbook, though next time I would add less almond extract, unless you want a strong almond flavor in your macaroons.
The entire process did not go as smoothly as I’m making it out to be though… see below: failures.
Some other macaroon adventures in a Nantucket bakery:

Among the variety of flavors are: peanut butter and jelly, lemon, apricot, and key lime!

Peanut butter & jelly and apricot!