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Wait what? Alex, you’re not in Turkey anymore! Well that’s right everyone, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve run out of yummy and interesting varieties of Turkish food to write about and share with you. What you are looking at above is a very traditional stuffed pancake called gozleme.

There are many variations and fillings for gozleme, some popular ones include: honey and walnut, mushroom, yellow cheese, sausage, and more. Shown above is spinach and white cheese (similar to feta).

gozlemeGozleme is prepared in a very special way – usually by women on a rounded stovetop like the one shown in the picture above. I had the chance to try this savory crepe-like treat during my trip to Ephesus, where nearby at the cave where the Seven Sleepers laid, there are a number of restaurants famous for their gozleme.

Try out this recipe here.