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Good morning America!!

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Yes, I am back and still kicking! Moved into my apartment in Philadelphia two days ago, and between classes starting, job hunting, and catching up with all of the friends I missed dearly during my four months abroad, I’ve been a pretty busy woman. Luckily, I haven’t forgotten about my equally dear readership (i.e. you), so here is a recipe for deliciously lemony-poppyseed muffins – the first recipe I made back on American soil. My suggestion: eat them for breakfast with coffee and jam. Gotta run to class now, but watch out for a few more “Taste of Turkey” posts coming up in the following weeks. You can take a girl out of Turkey but you can’t take the Turkey out of a girl.

I followed a recipe from Tate’s Bake Shop Baking For Friends by Kathleen King which I received as a wonderful Chanukah present, but you can find a comparable one here. Oh boy it feels good to be back!