Pomegranates have always been a special fruit for me. First of all, they are the jewel of nature – their seeds are magnificent and are rumored to number 613 per fruit, which are the number of Commandments listed in the Torah. My sister and I also read the book Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd a few years ago and have since exchanged numerous pomegranate-themed gifts – for me pomegranates represent fortune, beauty, richness, and life.


In Turkey you can find pomegranates everywhere. Called nar in Turkish, you can often find stands like the one shown above selling fresh-squeezed pomegranate or orange-pomegranate juice for just a few lira.

Pomegranate juice is delicious and tangy, but can sometimes leave a weird feeling in your mouth. The best part is when a few seeds fall into the bottom of the glass for an extra crunch at the end.

You can find some fresh pomegranate recipes here.