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On the first night (of the eight crazy nights) of Chanukah, my friend Shaye invited us all over to her place for some delicious Jewish food, good friends, and lighting the Chanukah menorah. Potluck style, everyone brought their own dish – either a traditional Jewish recipe or a country delicacy. I made sufganiyot, or jelly donuts, which I wrote about here, and also these AMAZING rugelach!

OMG rugelach are so good!! I don’t think I’ve ever had them homemade before, but trust me they were so worth it. My absolute favorite rugelach come from the famous Marzipan bakery in the Machaneh Yehudah Shuk in Jerusalem, but here is Sarabeth’s rugelach recipe here – dairy recipe, but totally fabulous.


Here are some other photos of our First Night of Chanukah celebration. Above, Shaye’s perfectly-shaped, doughy, delicious challah. Below fruit salad, applesauce, noodle kugel, roasted vegetables, rice, and a zucchini dish. Don’t worry, Shaye made amazing latkes as well! Happy Chanukah everyone!!!! P.S. Rugrats Chanukah Special – do it.IMG_1656