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SO… what could possibly be better than baklava? Ummm, easy. Chocolate baklava.
IMG_1635I had been avoiding it for awhile because I was a little nervous about how sweet it would be. Original pistachio or walnut baklava is already one of the sweetest desserts imaginable – pastry and crushed nuts, drenched in honey. But no! It was perfect, and actually less sweet than the traditional recipe, if possible. It was served to me with kaymak, or clotted cream, which is probably one of my absolute favorite Turkish delicacies. The kaymak also helps to counteract some of the sweetness of the pastry, creating a perfect combination of taste and texture. Awesome. Pure awesome.

I’m sure that this baklava was prepared a different way, but here is a decent-looking recipe for chocolate baklava that I found online – try it at home? I might.

I had this baklava in the famous Karaköy Güllüoğlu baklava. You can check out their write-up in IstanbulEats here.