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More pudding! Yes, Turks love their milk-based desserts. Last week my lovely mother came to visit me, and we went to Sultanahmet to do touristy things together. After exploring the jaw dropping beauty of the Harem and ogling the jewels in the treasury of the Topkapi Palace, we stopped for a quick break at a cafe that had the most beautiful and exotic looking puddings lining the windows (note: NOT the Pudding Shop, but a few stores up from it). We each ordered one and split them – delicious, refreshing, and filling! After, we headed to the Çemberlitas Hamamı for an authentic Turkish bath experience.

Top layer: Fruit pudding with orange zest and figs, and garnished with ground walnuts, pistachios, coconut, and sprinkles.

Bottom layer: Milk chocolate pudding

Top layer: Dark chocolate pudding with garnish

Bottom layer: Classic Turkish milk pudding

I found a recipe here for classic muhallebi – try it on your own or get yourself a plane ticket to Istanbul!