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I just returned home to Istanbul (feels a bit weird saying that) last night from my Bayram break trip to Odessa and Kiev, Ukraine, and to be honest I was not craving baked goods. To their credit, the Ukrainians make some delicious food and desserts (especially anything with raisins or cherries, I really love all of that). But more on Ukrainian food to come. This post is about how what I was really missing from Turkey was the fruit. I believe I’ve already expressed my deep love for the fresh produce here in Turkey. Sadly, however, by the time I arrived home the only fruit I could get my hands on were some overripe bananas I had refrigerated before I left. So I obviously was going to bake with them… because who besides my mother eats overripe bananas? The point that I’m getting to is that these banana maple nut muffins served as my much-needed dose of fruit last night.

Is that healthy? Maybe not. Maybe we shouldn’t be asking these questions. Regardless, they were delicious. And heart-shaped. What could be better? Oh, I also used half oats and half flour. So they taste healthy! And are acceptable to eat for breakfast. Bam!

Recipe adapted from here – I used 1 cup flour, 1 cup oats, and also added a handful of crushed walnuts.