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Yummy, warm, apple-cinnamon-y scones. Yes, I did swear off sweets until after Fall Break (I’m hoping to be somewhere in a bikini… hoping being the key word), but scones are for breakfast, right? They don’t count as dessert in the least bit, even if they are drenched in caramel sauce and eaten after dinner… whoops. That might have happened.

I saw this recipe from The Baker Chick and knew that I would get a craving for them at some point during the Fall. I pounced on this recipe because I’m officially on a boycott of all my favorite food/baking blogs who are posting about everything pumpkin and butternut squash. They don’t sell butternut squash nor canned pumpkin here!! Did I mention I’m FURIOUS?!

For that reason, apple will do to satisfy my Fall flavor craving for the time being. Thank heavens my mother is visiting before Thanksgiving, otherwise it would have been a sad day for me and my American friends here. I’m requesting at least four cans of pumpkin (plus my black Banana Republic top that I forgot to pack). I also charmed my way into a free bottle of pure Canadian maple syrup yesterday (it’s usually 40 lira here)… so look out for something maple-y and delicious coming soon. Even if it’s just a picture of me licking syrup off a plate.