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Figs. They are amazing!! And not like the ones you find at home in the States. As a matter of fact, I haven’t mentioned at all yet about the produce here – it’s to die for.

Now I’m going to throw some facts at you, so watch out! Based on a study in 2004 (I know that’s probably not the best source but this is NOT a term paper, okay!?!), Turkey produces 11 million tons of fruit a year, valued at $475 million. It’s also really sweet and delicious, and the only fruit I’ve noticed that they really import are bananas. Other than that, fruit is really cheap and is sold in fruit stands on almost every street.

Be wary though, because even though their fruit looks and tastes better than ours, they do still use some questionable farming practices. Some agriculture does use GMOs, and therefore Turkey does not export fruit to the European Union, which outlawed GMOs. Despite this fact, I don’t think I can give this figs up!

On the topic of figs, here is a glorious-looking Fig, Apricot & Marscapone Tart recipe and Brown Sugar Roasted Fig Oatmeal recipe from Joy The Baker. Enjoy!