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As promised, more gastronomic delights from my side of the world!

On my first afternoon in Turkey, my lovely roommate Leila dragged me out of the hostel we were staying at and took me on a very thorough and fast-paced tour of the old city. We were staying in Sultanhamet, which is home for many tourists who come to see the Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, and underwater cisterns. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see those sites during my brief stay (we were mostly running around trying to find an apartment and register for university at the time), but I will certainly be back!

One of the stops we made on our walking/jogging tour that afternoon was at one of the floating boats in Eminönü for fish and bread. These boats are lined up on the shore of the Bosporus right under Galata bridge, and are literally quaking back and forth due to the wavy water. Regardless, the fisherman prepare grilled fish sandwiches with lettuce and onion on fresh rolls and sell them for 5 lira. Barrels are set up in front of the boat for customers to sit and enjoy, and bottles of lemon juice and salt shakers are passed around among patrons. Tourists and locals alike can be seen here, and it doesn’t feel like it gets any fresher or more authentic than this!