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Mmmmmilk Bar back again! This time in the form of cookies!

These are one of their most famous recipes by far. The irony of the compost cookies is that I don’t believe any of their ingredients are actually compostable. Any-who, let’s steer this conversation away from animal dung.

These COOKIES are pretty interesting. In a very good way. I actually made a very modified version of them that I saw here. I skipped on the heath bar and used cinnamon chips instead of peanut butter chips, and mine turned out pretty awesome, though I honestly think you could make these a million ways and still be successful.

For the real Momofuku Compost Cookie recipe, check here. And keep reading as I attempt to tackle more Milk Bar recipes in the future!

Note: first picture borrows from How Sweet It Is blog. I gotta work on my food photography skills!