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And my first Milk Bar post!!

Yes, I am finally going there. I am attempting the tempting recipes of the Momofuku Milk Bar. And since it seemed like the sensible thing to do, I am starting with a challenge. Straightforward recipes are for babies. Sorry if you disagree, or are a baby.

These truffles took at least six steps to complete – 1) carrot cake, 2) “liquid cheesecake”, 3) milk crumb, and then the assembling which required 4) combining the carrot cake and cheesecake mixes, 5) dipping them in melted white chocolate, and then 6) coating them in the milk crumb.  Yeah, six.

Were they worth the effort? I mean subjectively I thought they were pretty good. They will definitely win you creativity points in a bake-off. Overall though, I do not think I would make them again. I have experience better carrot cake recipes in my day. And if I eat chocolate, it usually has to be semi-sweet or dark.

Recipe kindly posted here.