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Need I really say more??

I saw this recipe on my way home from work last week on The Baker Chick and I was literally drooling on the poor passenger sitting next to me on the train. She takes the recipe even one step farther by injecting these truffles with salted caramel, which sounds absolutely divine. Unfortunately I felt very pressured to make these asap and get them in my mouth before my 11pm bedtime, so I skipped that step. But let’s be real, I’m making these again this weekend/everydayofmylife and going all out on them. Exquisite, really. And easy. And you get to eat cookie dough that won’t kill you. And it has peanut butter in it. And chocolate (p.s. I only use Trader Joe’s semisweet chocolate chips, they are my one and only). And sea salt!

Recipe here.