I made like 80  of these delicious chocolate cupcakes, using the basic recipe from Annie Eats, here. I just googled a frosting recipe and chose one that looked good, easy, and wasn’t going to crust in the fridge after a few days. My friends (shown below with the red velvet) are to thank for actually creating the frosting. And obviously I added tons of mini chocolate chips.

I also want to give a big shout out to my boyz David T and Jake N for their continuous help and support in maintaining the quality of this blog. In general, but particularly now, I want to recognize them for their taste-testing abilities and quality control. Almost every creation I make goes through them first before being deemed delicious enough to be blogged about. Along with their astounding good looks, they are dedicated and active participants in the kitchen. And watch out ladies – they’re single! If you’re looking for a guy with a nuanced palate and an appetite, look no further.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!