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…for those days when breakfast is appropriate for dinner.

So I’m a big fan of breakfast food, but I’m pretty loyal to my Chobani yogurt-Fiber One-raisin concoction that I’ve been eating every morning since the summer (thanks Dad, cheers to intestinal health!)

The other day I had the classic struggle of what and how much to eat before jumping into the pool for a 2-hour long water polo practice. For example, you never want to fill up on Sitar India buffet before a swim set – that just won’t feel good. On the other hand, having my stomach rumbling in the pool makes me feel like I’m drowning.

So the obvious choice was pancakes! And I’ve clipped these cinnamon roll ones for weeks on my Clipix account and have been waiting for opportune moment to make them. Mine weren’t beautiful, but they were still so great. No syrup necessary. Pairs very nicely with a glass of cold Lactaid milk.

Recipe here.