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So you’re thinking, so what? She made heart-shaped sugar cookies on Valentine’s Day. I don’t get all the fuss.

Wrong, haters. These cookies are unique! These cookies were made with a special ingredient – LOVE. And I mean it! Shout out to my mother Cindy, not only because she is my true inspiration in my passion for baking, (also my inspiration for life in general) but also because she sent me the most glorious Valentine’s Day package which included the heart-shaped measuring cups, cookie cutters, pink crystal sprinkles, and everything else that’s good. Which includes: silly putty, a slinky, 6 pairs of socks, lip gloss, raspberry hershey kisses, window insulator, a sweater, a cupcake-shaped rug, pink dish towels, pink cupcake hand towels, love magnets…. and on.

Note inside the package:

Dear Alex,
Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you!



P.S. I may have gone a bit overboard!

Recipe here. (Didn’t do the icing, and mixed in a bit of whole wheat flour for kicks)